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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is more better? Or is less more?

So I'm creating a digital scrapbook to commemorate my Oreo's life.  Things are going well with it, taking my time, going back over things to make sure the pages are just the way I want.

I've also been creating challenge pages for DaisyTrail, and I find I'm getting more and more "ornate" in my creation of those.

As I look back on the pages I've already created for Oreo, I find myself adding all this frou-frou stuff like I do on the challenges (not that frou-frou is bad, mind you, it definitely can add to the page if done right).

I happened to open another digital scrapbook that's a work in progress, my Work Cats book, where all the pages are extraordinarily simple.  An image in a frame, a piece of ribbon or two and maybe a pawprint or button, some journaling and that's it.  And I like those pages SO much.  (I like contemporary and Danish Modern furniture, too, with its sleek and simple lines)

Here's an example of a page for a challenge, where I've added lots of embellishments, blends, etc., and I LOVE this page.

And here's an example of one of my Work Cats pages, where I've left it very simple.  I love this page too!

But I think I love it more because of its simplicity.  There's nothing there to draw the eye away from the focus...the picture.  And isn't that what scrapbooking's all about?  The pictures?  It is for me, anyway...

If you look at my Diva page below, if I had it to do over, I'd take out the kitty sitting on top of the frame, remove the collar from around Pumpkin's neck, move the titling to the right and expand the frame/picture to be bigger.  I DO like the other embellishments. I just think I went a bit overboard.  And I think we all do, from time to time, especially with digital work, because we're not paying for the supplies!  It's free to add more and more stuff to our work, until things become so cluttered, we've lost the focus...the pictures.

So, for me, the answer to the questions "Is more better?  Or is less more?" is "less is more" most of the time, anyway, and I'll try to remember that as I work on my personal pages.

Your thoughts?

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