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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Smudge found a home!

Smudge went to her new home last night, after vetting by us at work.  Smudge's story gives hope to every animal that's been stuck in a shelter for forever - you see, she came to Angel PAWS as a two-year old in 2004!

The volunteer who took Smudge to her new home said this:  "Smudge came to us in 2004.  She was brought to us by another rescue person who had been fostering her for another group and needed to find a place for some of them.  We took a few cats from her, Smudge was one of them.  She was about 2 years old when we got her.  She was very timid, but loved pets, and liked other cats.  She tried to be a rafter girl, but didn't quite make it :-)"  
(a rafter cat is a kitty who's so scared, skittish, or shy that she goes down to the basement at the shelter and takes up residence in the ceiling rafters, never to be touched by humans again - or at least, close to never again.  They come down only when humans aren't at the shelter working.  Smudge tried hard; she'd hang out in the almost-tippy-top bed in the cat tree that's there, but she'd be just far enough down that we could give her pets and some lovin')

Here's Ms. Smudge in her new home (and new cubbyhole); I'm pleased to say that she seems to be acclimating very nicely already, which is something of a surprise to us all!

The wordart/bead strand translates to "It's a wonderful day" and it certainly WAS a wonderful day for Ms. Smudge!

The kit I used is Elle DeMai's Purple Addiction.


  1. This is lovely news. My sister's family lost their little Ozzie at the end of May in a car accident. They had only had him 4 months and he was only a few months old when they had him.

    The unexpectedness of it all as they don't live in a busy area came as a great shock and at first they said they wouldn't be having another cat just yet.

    But yesterday my sister told me they'll be looking for another one after all by the end of summer, when the holidays are all finished with.

    As the most perilous days of a cat's life in road terms are those first 12 months, they have already decided that their next cat will also be from the same rescue centre if possible, and that they will go for an older cat, perhaps between 2 and 4 years old in the hopes that they will have more road sense and be less likely to have a run-in with a car.

    So there are people out there who consider older cats as well. We ourselves not only took on a rescue kitten, but her mother as well. Although we lost Selene recently to cancer, we still have her daughter, now 7 years old.

    Regards, Karen

  2. Karen, of course, another option would be to keep the cat indoors only, or outdoors only when closely supervised in a fenced-in enclosure.

    In fact, most rescue groups here have it as an adoption requirement in the contract that the cat is to be indoors-only. "Road sense" is something we figure cats don't have at all, at any age. (also, we're in a high-rabies area, so there's always the great risk that a cat will run afoul of a rabid raccoon or bat)

    But you and I live in different parts of the world with different "customs" (and probably very different traffic patterns!) and so I can't try to impose what we do here on what you do there. :-)

    There are certainly any number of lovely people who aren't just willing to take an older kitty, they want ONLY an older kitty and that's so wonderful. I just think it's so marvelous that, after 7 years in the shelter, Ms. Smudge made her way out!!

    hugs, Carol

  3. Woooooooooow, it is wonderful job !!!!!!! :)