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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Turn of the Century Bernardsville

Well, I finally had time to play with a new kit and create a page just for fun! (seems like it's been a while since I just played...)

The kit for this page is Steampunk Couture, and it's the first offering by kitkat79scraps at Angel Baby Scraps store. It's soooo pretty, such soft lavenders, teal/greens and browns/grays - I really love it!

Anyway, I had found these old photos on a Facebook group I belong to, "You know you're from Bernardsville when..." and decided that I wanted to scrap them. Since they're from around 1900, I needed a kit that would give me a sort of vintage look, and I thought of Kate's kit...perfect!

See what I mean?  Perfect!

Van Dorn's Mill is actually in the neighboring town of Bernards Township, but it's something I'll always remember as we drove by it every time we went to the "big city" of Morristown.  Back in those days, there weren't malls and such, so we went either to Morristown to shop, or to Plainfield/Route 22.

And the Olcott School is part of a national historic district in Bernardsville, and I actually attended there for 6th grade when they ran out of room at the elementary school.  It's on the grounds of the high school, and we would have to trek across the parking lot for lunch, gym, and things like that...and we were incorporated into many of the junior high school extracurricular activities like band and sports.  Heh, I'm sure the junior high kids LOVED that...here they are, they've finally made it to the high school (we sort of had a 6-year high school with junior high and high school kids in the same building), and here come the 6th-graders, invading their space, LOL!  Anyway, the Olcott school now houses the Board of Education and looks very much like it did in the photo.

Great place to grow up, great place to live, at least back in the days I lived there.  I miss it...

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