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Monday, September 12, 2011

2nd Round of the NDC Competition at theStudio has begun...

and I'm a little late posting about it again, LOL! Actually, I wanted to wait until I got both layouts done with the mini-kits created by Karen of KakleiDesigns and Kelly-Jo of Kelly-Jo's Scraps for the competition before posting about it.

So...if you recall, there's a 4-round competition going on over at theStudio to find a few new designers.  Both of the designers that I know, Karen and Kelly-Jo, made it through the first round and on to the second.  Again, very specific requirements for the elements and papers that need to be included with the kit, and, this time, the preview had to be done in a certain way.  This time, though, the designers chose their own color palette, whatever struck their fancy; however, this time, they were given a specific name for their kit:  Summer Afternoon and, since that's the case, they needed to create their kit however/whatever that meant to them.

This is Karen's entry for this round:

And her description (Karen writes GREAT descriptions!):

"Think about that magical time of the summer day, when the sun begins to yawn, the breeze starts to dance Tango with the ocean waves and the gardens are vast carpets full of colors.
It's around 5 or 6 PM in the afternoon, in that precise moment of serenity and comfort, where the mind meets the soul in such beautiful, bohemian peace, and sunset yet to come, lazy but content...
That's the exact mystical moment that this kit gave birth, in my deepest, generous dreams.
Based in soft pastels, pale ocher, blue skies, wet pinks and plenty greens in sunny tones, majestic textures, unforgettable designs and unique gems to embrace..."

This is a freebie, you can grab the mini-kit here and here...

Isn't it pretty?  Full of soft colors and elements.  My kind of kit...and this is the page I created from it:

I didn't add too much in the way of embellishments - the papers are so gorgeous, I kind of wanted to showcase those.  I like how it came out!

And Kelly-Jo took a completely direction with her kit; here's her preview:

And her description:

"I love the colours and tried for a warm hazy kind of feel. I had fun drawing all the doodles for the elements, and am especially happy with the swirly/water border. I am on a kick at the moment making more general type kits that can be used for everyday scrapping. This one does have a summery theme and feel but most of the papers and elements are very versatile."

You can grab your free copy here!

Creating a layout with Kelly-Jo's kit was kind of a challenge for me.  I don't typically "do" doodly-type elements, it's just not my "style" (if I even have one, I'm not sure I do, LOL!).  But that's one of the things I like about doing CT work, working with kits that AREN'T my style, that I wouldn't necessarily buy (but still love...one of those things, like seeing a gorgeous dress that's absolutely stunning...but you wouldn't buy it because it's not your style.  Doesn't mean you don't love it any less, just means that it's meant for someone else).  And the colors in this kit are gorgeous - they're definitely my kind of colors!

Anyway, I ended up having fun creating my layout with Kelly-Jo's kit, perhaps because it DID stretch me a bit.  And here it is:

I like what I came up with - the thought is that these are things you'd see/do on a typical summer afternoon, be with your animals, be it dog or goose (goose?), and I liked using the quad frame.  And I think it's totally amazing that Kelly-Jo DREW most of the elements!  Guess that's why she designs and I don't, LOL!

So...head over to theStudio and take a look at all the 2nd round entries.  They're all freebie mini-kits that you can download, so grab your favs, create a layout, and post it back at theStudio for all to see!  (if you missed it, here are the Round 1 entries; also, they're now running a 2nd Chance Contest for those designers that didn't go on from Round 1 to Round 2, so their kits are available as freebies too!)

Round 2 ends today, with Round 3 starting September 15th...we'll see who survives Round 2 and goes on!  Good luck to all!

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