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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Holy cow, look at the size of this bundle!

kitkat79scraps has released a whole bunch of new kits at Angel Baby Scraps Store. They're "the Baby Bundle" and together, they're huge!

There are three basic kits: Baby Bundle Boy, Baby Bundle Girl, and Baby Bundle Neutral. Then, there's a sort of "mega bundle" called (appropriately!) Baby Bundle. And THAT includes an add-on with wordart, an alpha, and more neutral-colored elements and papers.

Here are some previews (click the images to go to the kit in store):

Right now, they're all on sale, but for a limited time (hint...get the bundle, it's a tremendous value!!), so make sure you go snag it now!

And these are my layouts made with these terrific kits:

This last one has a picture of the latest litter of kittens to grace our doorstep at work.  There are 4 kittens altogether, one girl and three boys, and they were found by a client during Hurricane Irene (and so they all have hurricane names!).  Mom didn't initially come along for the ride (so to speak...she disappeared before they could get her) and so they were brought to us temporarily, until they were big enough to eat well on their own.  Since then, they've located and trapped the mom, so we have her too for now.  Once the kittens are big enough to eat well on their own, they'll go into a foster home that the client found, we'll spay the mom, and she'll be released back outside.  I'm sure she can't wait, LOL!

Followers of my blog may remember Kate and her kittens that were born around St. Patrick's Day and how absolutely feral Kate was.  So far, this mom (she doesn't have a name, at least not yet) isn't as fierce, mostly she's just scared to death.  Hopefully, she stays that way - makes it a whole lot easier to care for them all when we know we're not going to be attacked!

Anyway, back to Kate's baby kits - go snag them now while they're on sale, you'll be really glad you did.  They're really versatile and oh, so cute!

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