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Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm a bit late blogging about this party, but...

theStudio is having a Next Designer Contest as part of their Birthday Bash celebration. And two of my fav designers are involved! Go check it out - there are a TON of free mini-kits available, some 40 or thereabouts from the first round and there'll be around 20 or so from this round, Round 2.

Anyway, the idea is that theStudio is wanting to offer a few talented designers the opportunity to design for the store. To that end, they're running a 4-round competition over the next few weeks, to find the best new designers for the store.

Karen of KakleiDesigns and Kelly-Jo of Kelly-Jo's Scraps have both entered and (I shouldn't spoil the suspense) both made it through the first round and on to the second.

Round one had a theme of Daybreak with a soft pastel color palette of pinks, lavenders, blues (gorgeous colors!) and, as will be the case with all rounds, very specific requirements as to number of papers, number of elements, etc. (man, I wouldn't want to figure that all out, LOL!)

Since I CT for Karen, I'll start with her entry:

Gorgeous!  Most of the layouts I've been creating for Karen have been a touch serious, so I decided to create a more whimsical layout with this kit, since it's all for fun (for me, not for her or the other designers, LOL!):

Look at that look of horror on the kitten's face as the squirrel tries to give her a smooch!  I've had this photo in my arsenal for a while and finally decided to extract it and use it here.  Cute! 

And this was Kelly-Jo's first entry:

Less flowery, no less gorgeous!  I've never CTd for Kelly-Jo, but I've used a lot of her kits in my work.  Kelly-Jo knows me from ScrapbookFlair and Angel PAWS, and was one of the designers involved in the 2nd Chance Charity Collab put together by Angel Baby Scraps.  She KNOWS I scrap a ton 'o cats, so it was only appropriate that I find one to scrap with her mini, too!

*giggle*  Look at that cat.  If I ever need to scrap a football kit, this is the image I'll use...looks like he's going long for a pass!  But for sheer joy (wish I knew what that cat was chasing!), you can't beat this pic.  Very fun page to put together, with a very pretty kit.

So...now both Karen and Kelly-Jo have moved on to Round Two....... to be continued!

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