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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A just for fun page...

I haven't blogged one in a while, have I?  Hmmm.  Been too busy with other stuff (CTing, for one, blog redesign for another).  But I did this page for a challenge over at theStudio (I'm really liking it there) where the challenge was to do cutouts in the top layer so the second layer would show through.  I had these pics of these adorable kittens we're fostering at work right now and I was off to the races!

These cuties were found during Hurricane Irene, without their mama, and our client sustained too much damage to his house to keep them.  So we agreed to foster them until they were eating on their own (they are) and were able to be wormed (started) and vaccinated (too soon).  And we got the mama a couple days later, so she was able to finish up nursing them.  She's since been spayed and won't be going back to them; she'll be released back outside.

They're all named for hurricanes that have hit our area (please don't ask me which ones, LOL!) and Irene is the little squirt that's at the top and lower right of the page.  And she IS a hurricane!

The kit I used was Jaelop Design's Cute Cat, which I love!!

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