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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Isn't he CUTE?  OMG, I can't believe I'm adopting another cat, LOL!  And a BABY at that!

But I've known for a while that I need to do this - Magic and Pumpkin don't have a great relationship at all; they're always fighting.  Magic is young and wants to play all the time and Punk is older and wants nothing to do with that.  I know that, most of the time, getting another young cat as a playmate can help a situation like this; clients have told me their successes, the rescue groups all talk about having two youngsters to take the pressure off older cats, and it's the advice I see all over on the 'net.

So I'm taking the plunge.  The cool thing is that Sterling is truly a rescue, and his story is much like Magic's; brought in as a feral cat to be neutered and then released back outside but then became sweet after a day or two with us - Sterling's a MUSH!  I can hold him forever, he purrs like mad, and, well, I just couldn't bear the throught of this gorgeous little boy (he's only 4 months old) going back outside to endure the winter that's coming.

And so...Sterling (as in silver, since he's all gray) will come home with me on Friday!  Can't wait!!

Oh, yes, and I used Kooky Cat Designs' kit called "Pretty Kitty" to make this page of Sterling and used one of the masks from her kit "Just Masks, Vol 2" to make the photo and make that cool, kind of blended effect.  You should take a look at the mask sets she's been creating, they're really cool!

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