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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ahhhh. Kooky Cat Designs has done it again!

Created a sweet, adorable, cute kit, that is! This one is Christmas Joy and I love it! It's pretty, it's got cute elements, it's really a great, all-round Christmas kit.

Here's a preview:

See?  CUTE!  Look at that kitty with the widdle Santy Clawszs hat on.  And the widdle mousie.  (too much?  Okay, sorry.  But they ARE cute!)

And these are my layouts that I created with this kit:

Aboard the ms Nieuw Amsterdam last year

You can pick this delightful kit up at Scrapbird here.  AND, the best part is that it - and ALL of Kooky Cat Designs' store - is on sale for 40% off through the end of November.  So be sure to head over there and stock up before the sale ends!

Scraps By Oreo's Meow

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