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Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye, Jaime...

Difficult day today.  It started with a call from the next-door neighbor to a woman for whom I did cat-sitting, sharing the duty with the neighbor.  He'd gone in to feed Jaime and found her lethargic, not eating, not drinking, not urinating.  She was a kidney cat, so she normally peed buckets.

Turns out she hadn't eaten for 3 days, and hadn't eaten really well for about a week or so.  She'd been losing weight steadily over the past several months - we'd had her up to 10 pounds at one point, on Friday, when I did her sub-q fluids, she was down to 6 pounds.

I told him that she needed to be brought in...

So - in she came tonight.  And she wasn't the Jaime we were used to - feisty, downright nasty at times.  She was a shell of herself.

Jaime was in heart failure.  Totally and completely unexpected.  The vet called her "mom", who isn't well and hasn't lived at home for over a year now, and the difficult decision was made to end Jaime's suffering humanely.

Rest in peace, Jaime.  You were a pain in the neck most of the time, when we had to get bloodwork or treat you in some other way, and you're the only cat I know who wouldn't let me do your sub-q fluids at home, choosing instead to try to bite the hell out of me.  But in your way, you were a sweetie and you never held a grudge against any of us for what we did to/for you through the years.  I'll miss you.  Say "hey" to Oreo at the Bridge for me, sweetheart...

While he won't see this, I'd like to thank the neighbor for everything he did for Jaime over the past couple of years.  She wouldn't have lasted this long without your diligence in getting her meds into her, making sure she ate, brushing her out.  You deserve a medal.  You truly do.

Scraps By Oreo's Meow


  1. Oh man girl you have me sitting here bawling my eyes out. Poor Jaime. She's in a better place though and I'm sure she and Oreo are having a ball. Hugs to you hon.

  2. Such a sad posting, but at least Jaime is off in a better world, with all our other feline friends.

    It was so good of the neighbour to look after her so well. Getting meds down cats isn't always easy; I certainly hope our Pye never needs medication - worming him occasionally is fraught enough!

    It's a beautiful page you have created for Jaime.

    Kindest Regards.