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Saturday, November 5, 2011

RoseMade Designs has a cool kit at Moo Two Designs!

It's really pretty - I'm sure that RoseMade Designs' intent was for a basically Fall/Autumn kit (but what do I know, LOL!  I hate to put thoughts into anyone's head!), but I really found that it was pretty versatile because of the color range in the kit.

It's called 365 September - Apple Spice Tea and the colors range from pinks to burgundies to golds to oranges to greens (at least, this is MY interpretation of the colors - I'm NOT a color guru who can put great names to colors, so take this for what it's worth).  And that makes it versatile in my mind, because you can either put all those colors together into an interesting looking page that still coordinates, or you can choose one of the main colors and build off that.

Here's a preview:

See all those neat colors in there??  See what I mean?

And here are two layouts showing exactly what I mean!

This one is very fall-like, no?  Yet the next is very girly-girl with all the pink and burgundy!

(and isn't that puppy cute, sitting in the tea cup??  Adorable!)

So head over to Moo Two Designs' store and pick up RoseMade Designs' kit - it's half off (only $2.25!) but only through Friday!

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