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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seasons of Our Lives...

A few days ago, I blogged about Seasons of Our Lives, the November collab kit by the talented designers over at Moo Two Designs.  I was just given the opportunity to work with this kit, and I've got to say...WOW!

I knew the kit was big.  But I really had no idea just HOW big!  It's enormous, LOL!

Anyway, it's designed as a calendar kit, so you can easily create whatever kind of calendar you'd like, and I have to say that it made it so easy for me to create some calendars - something I've never done before.  So you really need to check it out.

Here's the preview again, so you can see all the pieces that come with the kit.  There are a bunch of templates that you can plunk onto any size page you'd like, a series of 12 calendar "tops" and "bottoms" so you can make a wall calendar, there are seasonal elements, word arts, and papers, there are generic numbers, days of the week and months - it's really all-encompassing.

These are the calendars that I created with this kit:

I started out easy with this one...I made a simple 8.5" x 11" page with the December 2012 template.  Now, I used the template "as is", using papers from the kit to give color to the elements included with the template.  But you can use whatever elements you'd like, the template's there just to give you some inspiration.  And that's my Ms Pumpkin-Pie that I featured - her birthday is in December!

Here's a second example of what you can do with this kit:

This is also on 8.5" by 11" paper, but it's designed as a day planner page that would fit a standard planner of 5.5" by 8.5".  All you need to do is print, cut the paper down the middle, punch your holes, and you've got a personalized planner page.  This one, I needed to take one of the templates and "cut" it into two pieces, one for the left side of the planner, one for the right side - but this is a generic, non-dated template, so you only need to do the positioning once and then copy it over and over for subsequent pages.  And here, I used one set of the generic numbers for the dates - these come in three different colors (as do the months) - and yet another set of generic numbers for the year.  If I carried a day planner, I'd be very tempted to do this instead of buying a plain old refill for my book.

My third sample calender is a standard wall calendar:

I used the calendar top and bottom for the month of April 2012 - for the top, all I had to do was plop Sterling's photo in there and, for the bottom, add whatever holiday elements and word arts were specific to the month.  SOOOOO EASY!  Now, this would require 11" by 17" paper, so you'd need a wide-format printer to print this...or your office's color printer, LOL!  Or, it's easy enough to send it off to a photo lab for printing.

The kit also has a hybrid project in it and I'm very intrigued by it.  It's for a perpetual calendar and, if I'd had the time, I would have taken a stab at it.  This part was designed by LoriImel, who has all kinds of cool hybrid projects in store for you.  This is the preview of her part:

Very, very cute!  And such a cool idea.  I'm gonna have to really take a look at her hybrid stuff - hybrid isn't anything I've gotten into, I've always thought of it as standard pages that you print out and then add traditional paper scrap elements to the page; I'm obviously very wrong in my perception of hybrid!
And, lastly, I want to share a layout done by another member of the Creative Team for Moo Two, Tina:

She wanted to show what you can do with this kit if you don't WANT to make a calendar.  Great layout!

So head over to Moo Two for the kit - right now, it's just $8 (Canadian) for this enormous, versatile kit!

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