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Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Dream" by AneczkaW Designs - pretty, pretty, pretty! Plus "Vintage Pockets"

I'm really lovin' working with AneczkaW Designs' kits.  They're just so darn pretty!  And here's another one - this one is called "Dream".  It's available at NDISB (separately and as part of her Buy 1 Get 2 series), at Scrapbird (also separately and Buy 1 Get 2) and at DDR.

Here's a preview:

Like I said...pretty, pretty, pretty!

And here are my layouts with this kit:

 (that snowman can dream all he wants, he's not gonna get any bigger, LOL!)

(what little girl doesn't dream of being a princess with a carriage?)

Now, this sort of has nothing to do with this kit or anything in particular, but when I was getting this blogpost ready and checking out Ania's stores to get the links, I noticed a new product she's made available at NDISB and at Scrapbird called "Vintage Pockets."  I haven't done anything with these, but I'm very taken with the concept and I may have to snag them for my stash.  Check them out:

Aren't they NEAT?  I really like these a lot - love the idea of sticking photos into these pockets.  So go check these out as well - NDISB and Scrapbird.

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