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Monday, April 2, 2012

Goodbye, Kyle...

Today, my heart is heavy because Angel PAWS has lost one of our beloved residents, Kyle.

Kyle's story is amazing.  He came to Angel PAWS under bite quarantine for having bitten someone outside.  The animal control officer didn't want to send him to the shelter in Newark.  And so, Angel PAWS took him in, where he became a rowdy part of our "mix" and wormed his way into our hearts.

Kyle was a big and loveable boy who valiantly fought heart disease and congestive heart failure.  Despite multiple emergency trips to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital and numerous recheck appointments, he never lost that fight that was deep in his soul.  (and he never lost the desire to try to take off a finger or two when receiving his meds!)

Here are photos of Kyle taken just yesterday at the shelter.  You can see how content he was under our care...

Many, many thanks to the countless volunteers who managed to cram his pills down his throat, did vet runs with him, kept an eye on him...and...just loved him.

But special thanks go to our volunteer, Kelly, for loving him best.  She stopped by the shelter at off-hours constantly, just to check up on him, make sure his breathing was okay, and adjust his meds if needed (I do believe she ended up on first name terms with his cardiologist with all the calls she made to Red Bank).  She also did a number of emergency vet runs with him, late at night sometimes, if she found that he wasn't responding well to the treatment she was instructed to give him.

And thankfully, Kyle didn't leave this world alone.  His favorite person, Kelly, was with him last night as he passed to Rainbow Bridge.

Kelly, thank you for being there for him so many times...and at the end, when it truly counted.  Kyle left this earth knowing he was loved, thanks to you.

RIP, sweet boy.  We'll miss you.

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  1. What a wonderful (and sad) story. Kudos to the volunteers who give so much of themselves to help animals in need.

  2. Kudos to all those volunteers who give so much of themselves to help animals in need.