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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rainy Day Bear by Sweet Pea Designs is now in her shop!

And it's CUTE! You'll love this for scrapping your "rainy day" photos, especially ones with your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/neighbor's kids...okay, you get the picture. :-)

Okay, down to business here.  Sweet Pea Designs has released this kit in two forms - a full kit plus a bundle which include the kit plus some extra goodies (get the bundle, it's a real deal!).  And, of course, if you'd like, you can get the kit plus whatever extra goodies you'd like "a la carte."  Plus, the kit and bundle are PU/S4O/S4H friendly!

The kit consists of 145 elements, 40 papers, and 1 alpha (which includes upper- and lower-case plus numbers and punctuation).  Here's the preview:

Cute, huh?  I wouldn't steer you wrong!

The bundle contains the full kit plus 6 decorative clusters, 5 cluster frames, 4 page starters, and 5 page borders.  Here's the bundle preview:

And if you want to check out all the pieces as "a la carte" selections, click here.  (but I'm tellin' ya, go for the bundle!)

Here are my layouts using this kit:

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