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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moments Scrapped creates wonderful templates!

And I'm so pleased that she asked me to join her Creative Team! Thank you so much!! I'm so in love with her templates, that I keep downloading and downloading and creating and creating - this is in the realm of "fun pages" for me, it's so enjoyable! Here's the first set of templates I've worked with. They're called Trio Photo Vol. 3 and they're available at BrownieScraps here

Now...technically, they're meant for three separate photos, but I've always wanted an easy way to take a portrait-oriented photo and break it into three (or more or less) pieces - it's a photo treatment I really like and have admired from others. Well, this template that I chose gave me the chance to do just that, break a photo into three pieces easily (well...could have done it before, I suppose, but it wouldn't have looked nearly as good if I was left to my own devices, LOL!). I love the result!  But first things first, here's the preview of the template pack: 

And here's my layout -

See how neat that looks??  :-)

The kit I used to create this layout is April Promise, which is a collab between StarSongStudio and KakleiDesigns (also known as AnnKa Studio), and a kit I adore.  You can get it at DDR, Heritage Scrap and E-scape and Scrap.

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