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Digital Scrap For Hire

I will do digital scrapbooking for you, taking your digital photos (or actual physical photos, which I can scan into my computer) and creating beautiful or funny or meaningful scrapbook pages, albums, brag books and slideshows for you.

The wonderful thing about digital scrapping is that, unlike traditional paper scrapping, there is no limit to what can be done with a photo...photos can be blended, removed from their (sometimes not-so-flattering) backgrounds, recolored, retouched, made into black and white, posterized, made to look like oil paintings or pencil sketches - the only limit is your imagination!  Or...a traditional-style page can be created with digital stickers, frames, mats, and so forth, and that has lots of depth to it.

What can you do with digital scrapbook pages and albums?  LOTS!

Have you seen those nifty digital photo frames?  Digital scraps work great on those!

A slideshow can be created, which can be played on your computer or TV or on your cell phone, if you've got one capable of doing so.

You can post the pages to a photo-sharing site such as Flickr, Picasa, etc., for the world to see...or just your family and friends.

Actually, this is one of the wonderful things about digital scrapping - by putting the images or slideshow on a DVD or CD, you can create many copies to send to family and friends with no effort.  It's a fabulous way to share a big event like a wedding, special anniversary, birth, retirement and so on.  It's a terrific way to let family and friends who were unable to attend that event to see it, and for those who were present at the event to remember it forever.

And, if you choose, you can print the digital pages out and put them into a traditional scrapbook, photo album, or simply frame them.

My Price List can be found here.

What do you receive from me?  You get the page(s) or album as high-resolution .png or .jpg files;  slideshows come as .wmv files unless otherwise specified.  All files are emailed to you.  Printing of your pages is not included, nor is the creation of a CD for mailing, though both are available at additional cost.

AND, if you don't know quite what to get for that new bride and groom, for a new mom and dad or grandma, for your best friend's holiday gift...I offer gift certificates in any amount.  Digital scrapbooks and pages make wonderful gifts!

Please take a look at my digital gallery.  There are a number of examples of my work there, perhaps you'll find a look you like!  When you're ready, please email me and we'll get started!