Welcome to Scraps By Oreo's Meow. If you've arrived here to take a look at what I can do for your precious photos through Scrap For Hire, please visit the "My Pages" section, in the sidebar located to the right. Thank you for stopping by!


I can create slideshows for you, either from pages that I've already scrapped for you (or will be scrapping for you), or without making your photos into a scrapbook album.

Slideshows are great - you can post them to YouTube.com or similar sites and send the link to your family or friends so that they can share in a special event that they were unable to attend...or so that they can re-live the event.  They're terrific for things like weddings or anniversaries, a child's growing-up-years, or just to commemorate family members at their best (and that includes our furbabies too!).

I can put music with the slideshow or not, can create the same transition from page-to-page or have different transitions, can place special emphasis on certain pages, and so forth.  They're very versatile!

Prices will be set once we've discussed your desires and needs, but start at $25 for a very simple, small slideshow without my scrapping your photos first.  For other pricing, please see this page.

I have some samples for you to view:

Tributes and Memorials

The first third of this sample slideshow has page layouts I've done that are in tribute to a person or animal special to me.  The last two-thirds are memorial pages. This is short, a bit over three minutes and it has music, should you need to turn down your speakers first. And, if possible, I suggest that you watch it full-screen.

This slideshow also showcases some of the effects I can achieve for you, when creating your slideshow.

Scrapbook Album

There are two album samples for you to view. 

The first could be considered sort of a baby album - except it's an album of kittens, from a few days old to about 3 months old.  It's in chronological order, like most albums are and, in this case, the theme from page to page is different (though the last three pages are created from the same digital scrapbook kit, so they have a similar look to them).  The slideshow has music (so turn down the volume if you need to!) and runs about 3 1/2 minutes long.

Much of this album is more artistic than traditional, though there are "traditional" pages included in it. It's a great example of how different styles of pages can come together for a terrific look! Something like this would make a super gift for grandparents, aunts and uncles, or friends who'd love to see how "baby" grows up (whether a human baby or a furbaby!)

The next slideshow is a MUCH reduced version of the scrapbook I made up after my mom and I took a cruise over the Christmas holidays in 2009.  This is long - about 10 minutes - and also has music if you need to turn down the sound.

The point of this sample is to illustrate how I can create an entire album for you - either as a scrapbook or a slideshow or both - that's got a consistent look throughout.  This is also a more "traditional" looking scrapbook; I've used very few special effects on the photos or pages.  Take a look, then read more about how the entire book was put together...

The entire scrapbook moves from port-of-call to port-of-call, and each port's design contains the same elements, colors, or feel to add a sense of continuity within that section of the book.  This is why you're seeing our day at sea in one set of colors and with a particular set of elements, our day in Grand Turk in another set of colors and elements, and our day at Half Moon Cay has yet another unique look.

Interspersed between ports are pages containing the ship's different venues, things to do, artwork, Christmas celebration, etc. These page insertions are meant to show a transition between "port-of-call sections" (for lack of a better term), yet, they are also designed with a consistent look to them, using the same elements, look, or colors for each type of section (ie, all artwork pages have the same colors, all Christmas pages use the same colors and many of the same elements, etc.). Again, I was going for a consistency in the book to show division between types of page.

Because I couldn't possibly put the entire scrapbook into a slideshow sample, this slideshow may seem a bit disjointed to you; it's entirely due to editing the many pages down to a manageable few, and yet try to demonstrate the various transitions available, music choices, and page layouts I've created.
And there will be more to come!

(Please note that I use only royalty-free music that's available on the web.  If a certain song is to be used, we will need to determine if it's available royalty-free and, if not, either ask permission from the record label or find an alternate song.)